Hear What Our Customer Have To Say

  • Fern Valley Goat Milk Soap Perfect For Harsh Winter

    "We live in Alaska and the winters here are extremely dry.  My husband has a skin condition and gets big dry patches on his hands that crack and hurt during the winter.  This winter is the first time this has not happened.  Since starting using goat soap, and it was even better using the Seaside Escape. Thank you for your product." 

    - Sincerely, Shannon

  • Fern Valley Goat Milk Soap "Gentle Cleanse" Saved My Skin

    “BTW, I love your products. My grandson turned me onto it about a year ago. My skin has NEVER felt this good! I was undergoing chemotherapy at the time and my skin took a beating but your soap saved it. I have recommended it numerous times to kindred chemo friends and they too love it. I’m anxious to try other products.”

    - Regina, Arizona

  • Fern Valley Goat Milk Soap ~ "Gentle Cleanse" Provides Relief From Eczema & Dyshidrotic Dermatitis

    "I cannot thank you enough.   I suffer from eczema and dyshidrotic dermatitis on my hands and feet for the past 5 years. The itching would drive me insane.  It is the worst case Stanford has ever seen.  Since I have been using your soap my skin condition is under control and looking good for the first time in years.  I cannot believe how well I am doing, and I have bought Gentle Cleanse for everyone I know who has eczema and I recommend your products all the time."

    - Teresa

  • Fern Valley Goat Milk Soap Makes Me Feel Clean

    "I just wanted to say thank you. I have been using this soap since I lived in Rio Dell (tiny town...right?) About eight years ago. And I absolutely love it. I just don't feel clean without it. (Avid cyclist and gym rat) your new scents are so fantastic (in love with Tobacco Bay and Backwoods!!! The OG can't be beat either!!) and I am so happy that your company has expanded. I know I personally have gifted your soaps to everyone in my family. Ranging from TN to TX. So excited for my package to come in." Thank you, so much.

    - A Loyal Customer

  • Fern Valley Goat Milk Soap Dermatologist Recommended

    "I just want to let you know how much I enjoy and appreciate your soaps. My dermatologist recommended them to me and I've been hooked ever since. After a year of using your soaps, my last dermatologist doctor appointment brought compliments from her about how much the condition of my skin had improved. Great job, Fern Valley Soap!

    - Thanks, Judy D

  • Fern Valley Goat Milk Soap Amazing For Mechanic Hands

    ”I discovered Humboldt Hands last fall and couldn't believe how amazing it works (and smells)! I brought a bunch back home with me and am almost out, so I restocked by mail. My dad is a mechanic and uses it to scrub grease off, and my boyfriend is a millwright and just kind of a grimy dude so it's been great for my family."

    - Meri, Cleveland, Ohio