Fern Valley Goat Milk Soaps

Fern Valley Soaps, located in Ferndale, CA, is a proud creator of fine hand-made goat milk soaps supplying Humboldt County and customers nationwide. Our soaps are unique, while most high-quality handmade soaps are expensive, we are committed to providing you the best soaps available at an affordable price. We're proud to be a down home business.

We have been making soaps since 2012 on the farm where my family has lived for five generations. We're proud of the soaps we've developed over the past 7 years, making Fern Valley Soaps so successful. The pride we have in the tradition of living and working with the land is reflected in our products and service to our customers.

Meet the Maker

"We begin every batch of hand-made soap with local farm fresh goat milk. We end with devoted customers. They say we are soap making geniuses. We're proud of our soaps and grateful for our all our happy customers."

Stacey Leaton, Maker