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  • Even the kids help out!
  • Big Paw Dog Shampoo Bars
  • This is the begining..... Farm Fresh Goat Milk
  • Humboldt Hands Soap In Action
  • We Are Love'n Lavender
  • Tough on Everything!
  • Luxury Round Goat Milk Soaps
  • On the farm
We begin every batch of hand-made soap with our farm fresh goat milk. We end with devoted customers. They say we are soap making geniuses. We're proud of our soaps and grateful for our all our happy customers.
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What's not to enjoy…everything is locally made from Olive Oil to Redneck Wine Glasses and Fancy chocolate edibles.  Our communities are full of artisans and we wanted to give them a place to share their wares and stories. "We found that a gift means more when the giver can share the story behind the product and why they thought it would be the perfect gift for them," says James Mazzotta, Store Director.