Who We Are

Five Generations On The Farm...
     That's my grandfather, Harold Scilacci, on the left, and his brother, Alvin, on the right. They were dairy farmers, and they were the grandsons of dairy farmers, and they all worked the same farm where we now have Fern Valley Goats -- on Waddington Road, outside of Ferndale, in Humboldt County, California.

     Of course, except for the fellow in the photo, they had cows. Now with my husband Chris, and my mother, Sandra, we have goats -- healthy, grass-fed, north-county goats that produce the milk we use in our growing line of soap products. Handmade right here at the dairy.

     We're proud of the recipes we've developed to make our soaps so successful over the past three years, proud of the service we give our customers, and proud that we can continue a tradition of living with the land.

  My grandfather Harold and my great uncle Alvin at the farm circa 1935.
Above: The early days in the soap kitchen. 

Right: My mother Sandra and brother Steve at a craft fair.
photos by Sharon Letts

Bottom left: Our kids feeding the kids.

Bottom right: Goats walking down the lane to milking.

  My husband Chris moving feed around the farm.